Feathers in Your Dog’s Hair

Bows and clips will always be a popular and classic accessory for the pampered pooch, but there is a recent, new trend to try in your pet’s hair.  PuppyLocks are feather fur extension for dogs.  Yes ladies, you can have matching hair styles since feathers are in for humans too.

Go to conditionculture.com to learn more about feather extensions for dogs. There is an array of colors to chose from and there are also wholesaler/business opportunities.

Made from high quality feathers, they will be able to endure everyday wear and tear.  You should be able to bathe your dog just fine while these are attached.  They are free of chemicals and come in a vast array of colors.  They range in colors and length, from long to short and fuzzy.  If you don’t want to deal with the process of applying the feathers in the hair, and then taking them out, they also make very cute collar charms.

  It is simple and easy to buy them online.  If you have a salon id or beautician license, you can also become a wholesaler through their site.  This is a fairly new accessory on the market for dogs and is expected to grow in more urban areas, or places where owners will spend more on their companions.
Okay, so you buy one or two online.  Now how do you put them in?  My best answer to that question is to ask your hair dresser if she wouldn’t mind doing a dog’s hair.  There are also groomers that are certified to carry Puppy Locks and will know how to put them in.  If you’re feeling brave, they supply the micro links with the feathers so you can DIY.  Just eyeball where you would like the feathers to fall on your dog, and make sure they’re in a comfortable, non-distracting part on your dog :).

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Well I haven’t been online in about three months! Shocking I know, but in the recent months I have made an awesome discovery. There will be good news and bad news from this.
Good News: I have discovered Pinterest! And I could not live without it. I have collected numerous education, beauty, and decorating ideas.
Bad News: I will most likely be deleting my category pages, due to the fact that I haven’t updated them in forever, and I have collected so much more on pinterest.
More good news: You can follow me and see all my pins!
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Changing Your Writing Color With the Season

Picture Perfect Camping

  As the leaves turn with the season, so does your writing.  Seasonal change inspires a different sense of background for your story.  Days are shorter, nights are longer.  The wind has a chill.  Sometimes the stars are crystal clear, while at other times a foggy haze smothers their sparkle.  Often times, writers who are in a slump can all of the sudden be swept up into a new direction for their story just because of the weather change in the atmosphere.
  As my husband and I were camping last weekend, I couldn’t help but have my writing gears turning while we sat by the fire.  I always keep a notepad handy.  Suddenly there I was, writing my story in the dark by the fire while we were laughing about our crazy lives.
   It is my personal opinion to not just wait for a change in the weather to give your mind some “oomph” for your story.  Give yourself a change of scenery.  Whether you live next to a beach, creek, or lake (that you never visit), go there.  You’ll be suprised what comes to mind.  My husband and I are lucky to live about 20 minutes away from a small state park, Beaver Dam.  We never go there as often as we should.  Finally, we made time for a night outdoors and it was the best eye opener for a change in my story.
  Stories can excel much more if they have a very strong setting.  The background that plays into your plot is essential to be successful for a good story.  Examples of stories with a strong setting: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Water for Elephants.  Could Katniss have the same complications if her world was not starving, or could she have the same escape if there had not been a hole in the fenceline for her hunting ground?  These are factors to consider when a writer chooses to create a strong setting.  A seasonal change can definitely help you mold this background, but making yourself change the scenery around you might boost your writing speed a little better.

And the Eensy Weensy Spider Hitched a Ride While I Was Out…

It happens to everyone.  Nearly 90% of Americans will at some point in their driving career, discover the conniving and startling appearances of spiders in their vehicle.  Of course you may wonder, “How do those pesky spiders manage to always find a car to hop into?”
Besides that looming question, you may also wonder how they have the mental capacity to find a convenient place to rest, either on the driver or copilot seat, or even better, to make a grand entrance. This includes crawling up your ankle, or spinning down in front of your face as you make the turn. 
Well my friends there is some good and bad to this recent discovery.  Only 89% of hitchhiking spiders are not poisenous. In fact, they’re completely harmless and don’t know what to do with their spare time other than startle people and suffer a violent death.  On the other hand, there are some spiders that have cruel intentions. About 8% to be precise.  I was a victim last week, at the hands of a brown recluse.  Little did I know that his plot was to stay aboard the gas can, while on my way to the Philips 66.  Secured in my trunk, he made not a sound.  Unaware that a brown recluse was patiently waiting to carjack me at the Philips 66, I opened the trunk swiflty, ready to fuel up for a 2 hour lawn mowing.  And there he was.  Showing off his violin tatt on the top of the tank.  I had to act quick.  Here’s what I suggest you do if you ever are prey to a spider’s plan of attack:
1. Survey the situation
2. Wield whatever the spider is on into the air; this is a surprise attack
3. If you cannot wield it, find something bigger than him quickly
4. Make a huge scene to show you are performing self defense, (so the spider may not escape, and sue you for injury.)

In my case, a fat brown recluse was a slight advantage. Due to the fact that they are slow moving spiders,  I quickly yield the gas can out into the lot, causing a scene of self-defense.  There were plenty of witnesses.  He was dismounted from his position, and I quickly squished his body five times with my shoe.
Let this be a lesson to all drivers that may have spider encounters to come.  Brown recluses are, in fact, an extremely poisenous spider.  However, as I said before, the other 89% are just travelling bums. 
As for the other 3% that I did not mention, well, it is a confirmed result that they are responsible for transporting heroine and meth to drug lords across the country.  The Mexican Jumping Spider is known for this occupation.  Such matters should not be taken lightly.  If you see one, call the police.

Looking for tips on better blogging? (via WordPress.com News)

This is such a good, quick article on how to update your blog, and make it more engaging. I am just new to the WordPress community, and have used this to help guide my blog to higher ground.

Looking for tips on better blogging? Whether you’re a WordPress.com veteran or blogging newbie, the updated version of Learn WordPress.com is sure to teach you something that you don’t already know. The tutorial contains ten short sections on popular topics such as: Personalizing your site’s appearance Meeting others in the WordPress.com community Blogging from your mobile device Getting more readers We’ve also added a section called 10 Super Awesome Insider Tips. It contains pointe … Read More

via WordPress.com News

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