Feathers in Your Dog’s Hair

Bows and clips will always be a popular and classic accessory for the pampered pooch, but there is a recent, new trend to try in your pet’s hair.  PuppyLocks are feather fur extension for dogs.  Yes ladies, you can have matching hair styles since feathers are in for humans too.

Go to conditionculture.com to learn more about feather extensions for dogs. There is an array of colors to chose from and there are also wholesaler/business opportunities.

Made from high quality feathers, they will be able to endure everyday wear and tear.  You should be able to bathe your dog just fine while these are attached.  They are free of chemicals and come in a vast array of colors.  They range in colors and length, from long to short and fuzzy.  If you don’t want to deal with the process of applying the feathers in the hair, and then taking them out, they also make very cute collar charms.

  It is simple and easy to buy them online.  If you have a salon id or beautician license, you can also become a wholesaler through their site.  This is a fairly new accessory on the market for dogs and is expected to grow in more urban areas, or places where owners will spend more on their companions.
Okay, so you buy one or two online.  Now how do you put them in?  My best answer to that question is to ask your hair dresser if she wouldn’t mind doing a dog’s hair.  There are also groomers that are certified to carry Puppy Locks and will know how to put them in.  If you’re feeling brave, they supply the micro links with the feathers so you can DIY.  Just eyeball where you would like the feathers to fall on your dog, and make sure they’re in a comfortable, non-distracting part on your dog :).