Changing Your Writing Color With the Season

Picture Perfect Camping

  As the leaves turn with the season, so does your writing.  Seasonal change inspires a different sense of background for your story.  Days are shorter, nights are longer.  The wind has a chill.  Sometimes the stars are crystal clear, while at other times a foggy haze smothers their sparkle.  Often times, writers who are in a slump can all of the sudden be swept up into a new direction for their story just because of the weather change in the atmosphere.
  As my husband and I were camping last weekend, I couldn’t help but have my writing gears turning while we sat by the fire.  I always keep a notepad handy.  Suddenly there I was, writing my story in the dark by the fire while we were laughing about our crazy lives.
   It is my personal opinion to not just wait for a change in the weather to give your mind some “oomph” for your story.  Give yourself a change of scenery.  Whether you live next to a beach, creek, or lake (that you never visit), go there.  You’ll be suprised what comes to mind.  My husband and I are lucky to live about 20 minutes away from a small state park, Beaver Dam.  We never go there as often as we should.  Finally, we made time for a night outdoors and it was the best eye opener for a change in my story.
  Stories can excel much more if they have a very strong setting.  The background that plays into your plot is essential to be successful for a good story.  Examples of stories with a strong setting: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Water for Elephants.  Could Katniss have the same complications if her world was not starving, or could she have the same escape if there had not been a hole in the fenceline for her hunting ground?  These are factors to consider when a writer chooses to create a strong setting.  A seasonal change can definitely help you mold this background, but making yourself change the scenery around you might boost your writing speed a little better.

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